About Us

About Us


• The Institute of Ministry and Leadership Development (IMLD) is a network of professional and spiritual leaders serving as consultants dedicated to equip,
strengthen, and empower individuals, churches, and Christian organizations for effective Kingdom ministries. We are a center of professional development and continuing education for church ministry.
• We partner with and serve both current and future servant leaders in ministry--locally, nationally, and internationally
• We develop Christian leadership competency and knowledge in individuals and churches from being to knowing, and knowing to doing.


To become an equipping and mobilizing center that nurtures a new generation of faithful  and competent church leaders impacting their world for Christ from one generation to another (2 Tim. 2:2)


We exist to develop equip leaders, develop believers, strengthen families, and resource churches for greater Kingdom Impact.

We accomplish this through:
• Training both current and next generation church leaders through Christian formation, theological education,  and leadership development
• Providing contextualized resources for churches, including research on current issues and trends
• Multiplying networks of local church Pastors and lay leaders around the world for ministry insights and community learning
• Providing coaching to church leaders, and consultations  to churches on biblical church administration and government, and ministry effectiveness  as requested
• Organizing Customized Conferences, Seminars, and Retreats for church staff/ leaders and Christian organizations
• Mobilizing volunteers for Outreach and Mission

Our Values

The church is our focus
Our theology and practice are guided by the Kingdom of God
Compassionate Ministry and Culturally Relevant  Mission
We strive for Christian excellence in everything we do

Our Beliefs

We adopt in its integrity  the “Baptist Faith and Message” (2000), as the set of beliefs it proclaims, meets our biblical  worldview and
standards for Christian living.